It is because of our concern for the highest quality of our heaters, technological regime and a hundred per cent quality control (all heating elements from a given lot are controlled) that the number of complaints lodged regarding our products is very small.

Under the consumer law, any complaint must be lodged in a place where a product was purchased. A complaint, then, means informing a seller about any faults in order to exercise this right. Such notification should be made orally and in writing. If a seller is not able to investigate a complaint forthwith, they should accept a complaint in writing.

A complaint should include the following:

  1. A valid guarantee certificate appropriately filled in 
  2. A date of lodging a complaint
  3. A date and place of purchase
  4. A date of fault detection
  5. Fault description
  6. A request to have a complaint investigated
  7. Deadline for a complaint if a consumer agrees to have a statutory deadline (14 days) prolonged

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