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„EQual” is an internal norm implemented by Eliko which is compliant with the requirements of the quality management system. It is 100% compliant with the principles of „ISO 9001:2001 Quality management systems”


The Eliko company manufacturing heaters, heating elements and electric heaters, from the very beginning of its operation i.e. since the year 1981 has been orientated towards compliance with the worldwide and national norms and duties observed in the world of business. Following several years of standardization of all the company processes compliant with the norm “ISO 9001:2001”, the management has decided to implement their own system of norms, „EQual” standardization adjusted to the company’s needs and fully compliant with the principles of „ISO 9001:2001”.


The norm can be applied by any organizations regardless of their size or type. It is directed towards the understanding of a customer and meeting their requirements, and so particular needs as to the products of a given organization, application of process-based approach, provision of process effectiveness results and their continual improvement, based on objective measurements. The organizations should demonstrate that they are able, in a continual manner, to supply goods in accordance with customer requirements and legal provisions, and want to enhance customer satisfaction with effective implementation of a system including the processes of its continuous improvement.

History of implementation in Eliko:

Manufacturing, Trade and Service Company Eliko, a manufacturer of high quality heaters, heating elements and electric heaters, started the implementation of its own standard improving the qualifications of the services provided in the year 2008.

Requirments of the norm „ISO 9001:2001” and their application in „EQual”

  1. Focus on every customer. Each client is treated unambiguously and professionally by the company. From the beginning they have a unique number assigned to them and identifying them within the system. The company Eliko stores all the necessary information, which helps to access their data and orders very quickly.
  2. The leadership of the organization is extremely committed to the improvement of the standards and quality of the services provided, relations with customers, relations between employees, which helps to maintain appropriate focus at all stages of production.
  3. People’s commitment: All the employees of Eliko are continually improving their qualifications by participating in numerous courses and trainings.
  4. Process-based approach: Effectiveness and efficiency of the applied production, service, logistic and sales processes has been achieved through the application of different interconnected IT systems. Additionally, Eliko has developed its own set of principles and duties as for the circulation of appropriate documents.
  5. Systemic approach: Is about identifying, understanding and managing mutually connected processes and treating them as a system (a set of mutually connected and interacting elements).
  6. Substantive approach: Decision making is based on analytical, logical or intuitive analysis of all available data and information. This is facilitated with the proper use of tools, software and the experience gained over 25 years of the operation of the company Eliko, a manufacturer of heaters, heating elements and electric heaters.
  7. Mutual benefits: Connections between suppliers are constructed in such a way as to bring mutual benefits. This allows for fast response in case of changing market conditions and for the adjustment of products to customer needs.
  8. Continual improvement: The Eliko company is continually making an effort to improve its qualifications and the quality of the services provided.