Eliko's logo is a legally protected trademark. Any use of the logo by external business entitities requires the owner's consent.

Registered Eliko's Customers and Partners are authorized to make use of our logo without any special consent in order to:

  • indicate a display of our products
  • advertise our products on outside signboards of their warehouses, shops etc.
  • include them in promotional materials

The use of the logo for any other purposes requires Eliko's consent in writing
We request that all our Partners and Clients notify us by e-mail or telephone of the place and manner of using our logo.

Main version of logo:

Eliko: Red
Pantone Coated 485 CVC 2x
CMYK 0 / 100 / 100 / 0
RGB 215 / 8 / 25
Text and ®: Black

Terms of use: pdf

 Download file with logo:
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Simplyfied version of logo:

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