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ELIKO MOŃKA Limited Partnership

We have been building the company's position for years based on the needs and satisfaction of our customers. For you, we design and manufacture products at the highest technical and quality level. We deliver them exactly when you need them. We create a safe work environment. We introduce the most modern production technologies. We work with the best engineers and specialists. How many of them work at ELIKO? 100%. Our people are the most important to us. Their knowledge, skills, experience, interactions between them and the synergy of their activities create quality. Quality of ELIKO products. It is thanks to our employees that the ELIKO brand has become synonymous with the best quality. With the whole team we strive for perfection every day. As a second generation, the continuous improvement of our processes and products is in our blood. Some say there is no blood in our veins - they say there's a resistance wire there. Maybe. Certainly, the resistance wire is the heart of each of our heating elements. The flange is the orifice, the skin is the tube, and the brain is the control system, wires, fuse and thermostat. We identify ourselves with each product manufactured in ELIKO, and we guarantee the highest quality of products with our family name.

Piotr Mońka


ELIKO MOŃKA  Limited Partnership

ELIKO MOŃKA Limited Partnership

ELIKO MOŃKA Limited Partnership


ELIKO is a company with over 40 years of tradition on the Polish market, one of the largest producers of tubular heating elements and specialized heating devices in Poland.

Eliko produces:

  • immersion heaters,
  • heaters with thermostats for bathroom radiators and boilers,
  • tubular heaters for saunas, swimming pools and the broadly understood transport industry,
  • heaters are also used in the food industry, agriculture, railways and development investments,
  • heaters for tram traction
  • heaters for central heating furnaces
  • we produce heaters for the largest household appliances companies in Poland and the European Union
  • heaters for individual orders of different power


ELIKO as the first and only manufacturer of heaters and heating elements in Poland has been invited to participate in the creation of industry standards for consumer electrical equipment under the Technical Committee No. 63 of the Polish Committee for Standardization. The above vocation confirms the knowledge and longterm experience of our engineers applied to each product built from start to finish in our factory. Thus, ELIKO increases its share in the development of Polish and international standards and supports the development of technology and quality of products for the consumer electrical equipment market in Europe. For more information click here.


The company ELIKO is a member of the Association of Producers and Importers of Heating Devices. The association brings together leading production companies that are active on the Polish installation and heating market in the field of modern and ecological technologies of heat and hot utility water production. The constant development of ELIKO products in terms of compatibility with Renewable Energy Sources (RES), the highest level of their quality as well as reliability and durability meet the expectations of users. The function of our heaters ensures the comfort of heating and the constant availability of hot water for domestic and industrial applications. Hybrid solutions and energy efficiency put ELIKO at the forefront of complementary producers and importers of heating devices.


In its 40 years of activity, ELIKO has received many awards and distinctions, including:

European Medal awarded by the Office of the Committee for European Integration at the Business Center Club, an organization of entrepreneurs founded in 1991. Eliko was invited to cooperate as a reliable and credible, adhering to the principles of commercial ethics, accepting the principles of the code of honor.

  • TÜV certificate issued by the TÜV Rheinland Polska certification body
  • EQual quality mark confirming compliance with ISO 9001 standards
  • Awards and distinctions of "Fair Play Enterprise": Bronze Certificate, Silver Certificate, Gold Certificate, Gold Statuette and "Bronze Laurels Fair Play Enterprise" for being honored six times with the Fair Play Award.
  • The "Business Gazelles" distinction awarded by "Puls Biznesu" in 2009
  • "Newsweek Polska" distinction in the category "Laureate of the Family Business Ranking 2011" awarded on June 20, 2011
  • Effective Company 2015 award granted by the EuropejskaFirma.pl
  • Business Cheetah 2015 award granted by the EuropejskaFirma.pl
  • Strong Company 2015 award granted by the EuropejskaFirma.pl
  • Forbes Diamond 2016
  • Business Cheetah 2016 award granted by the GepardyBiznesu.pl
  • Effective Company 2017 award granted by the EuropejskaFirma.pl
  • Business Cheetah 2017 award granted by the EuropejskaFirma.pl
  • Strong Company 2017 award granted by the EuropejskaFirma.pl
  • Effective Company 2019 award granted by the EuropejskaFirma.pl
  • Business Cheetah 2019 award granted by the EuropejskaFirma.pl
  • Strong Company 2019 award granted by the EuropejskaFirma.pl
  • Forbes Diamond 2020
  • Diamond of the Polish Economy 2020 award granted by the EuropejskaFirma.pl
  • Forbes Diamond 2021
  • The "Business Gazelles" distinction awarded by "Puls Biznesu" in 2021
  • Forbes Diamond 2022
  • The "Business Gazelles" distinction awarded by "Puls Biznesu" in 2022
  • Forbes Diamond 2023

A far-sighted vision of the development of the Company allows us to reach for unconventional solutions and creating trends on the market of broadly neutral heating technology. We strive to constantly improve and seek ergonomic solutions based on in-depth market analyzes. To meet the expectations of our customers - we create products that meet their needs and expectations.

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