Installation and usage tips

Boiler heaters with thermostats are equipped with thermostats with STB protection, i.e. a non-return thermal fuse.
The fuse will operate after exceeding a certain temperature and the heater will stop heating. In this case, remove the plug from the electrical socket, remove the knob by gently prying it, and then with a thin screwdriver press the fuse button next to the thermostat axis.

Not all our products have a seal in the form of an o-ring as standard.
The solid installer is equipped with Teflon tape or tow (carded yarn) with a thread sealing paste.
The previously mentioned materials can also be purchased in almost any installation store.

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Terms of warranty

The period of guarantee shall cover 24 months from the date of purchase, but shall not exceed 36 months from the date of production.

Under this guarantee, the manufacturer shall repair a faulty heater, in particular the manufacturer shall:

a) repair any defects caused by the fault of the manufacturer
b) replace a faulty heater with a defect-free heater, should the repair be impossible or, if, in the manufacturer's opinion, the cost of the repair shall exceed the cost of the replacement

The repair period shall be14 days from the date of notiyfing the manufacturer of a defect and delivering a faulty heater to the manufacturer. In well-grounded cases, the repair period may be prolonged to a period necessary for fulfilling the duties herunder.

The guarantee shall cover only these defects which are caused by the fault of the manufacturer.

The guarantee shall not cover the following faults and defects caused by:

a) mechanical damage, consequences of chemical agents,
b) caused by non-compliance with point 6 of the warranty card,
c) caused by the use, transport, storage, storage or cleaning of the heater that is not in accordance with the operating instructions,
d) resulting from using the heater not in accordance with generally accepted principles of using electric heating elements,
e) caused by contamination of the heater with scaling or scaling with chemicals not intended for this purpose,
f) resulting from the operation of the heater in environments other than water, e.g. acid, oil, air, etc.

The purchaser shall lose their rights hereunder in the event of:

a) making any repairs or alterations to a heater on their own
b) the manufacturer's detecting any interference in any part of a heater, e.g. tearing off a handle, cutting off a plug etc.
c) disturbing, damaging or removing serial numbers or any other marks identyfing a heater
d) losing guarantee certificate

a) A heater shall be delivered in order to be repaired in a complete set together with this document confirmed by the seller.
b) In the event of finding a heater submitted for repair free from defects and in good technical order, or if a defect found is not subject to guarantee, a purchaser may be charged for the service and materials as stipulated in the manufacturer's price list.